Please find below five publications providing detailed information about High Sierra Adventures Magazine, the Publisher, Distribution and Reach, and our Advertising Contract and Agreement.  These collaterals will help you in the decision process as to graphic design, ad size, placement and investment. 


These publications should answer most if not all of your questions.  However, do not hesitate to contact our editor or publisher if you have any further questions or concerns.


Magazine Marketing Information

This publication describes the advertising process and includes a brief description about the impactful "Business Profile", sizes of layout ads, prices, and submission criteria.


High Sierra Adventures Magazine reaches the multi-million dollar annual tourist trade more effectively than any other marketing medium and with minimal investment. 


Keep in mind that advertising space is limited and sold on a first come first served bases.  Early committment optimizes your ad placement choices.


Magazine Distribution Analysis

Distribution is the single most important factor when determining which publication you should consider for your advertising needs.  The quality of the paper, full color printing process, size of print run, content and editing standards are all important factors to also consider.   But if a publication has limited circulation and/or short shelf life, it simply can not achieve your advertising objectives.


The "Distribution Analysis" gives a detailed explaination of all of our distribution locations, and estimated audience reach.  No other publication offers a distribution footprint that even comes close to that of   High Sierra Adventures Magazine.    


Advertising Contract & Agreement

There are never any surprises when working with High Sierra Adventures Magazine.  

Our advertising contract and agreement is a clear, concise, easy to understand document that leaves nothing for chance or interpretation.

Our clients know exactly the size of their advertising space, where within the magazine it will be placed, whether a supporting article will accompany their layout ad, what the investment obligation is and when deposits and final payments are due.

The graphic design process and estimated expenses are described in detail within the contract and agreement.  After all, shouldn't your advertising experience with us be seamless and fun?  We think so, because we want to create a successful long term relationship with you.