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1.   SHARE OF MARKET:  (Continuted)

Most small and medium size companies blindly walk off cliffs wasting their valuable advertising dollars on advertising mediums that don't target their Primary Demographic  nor provide a resonable Share of Market.


The key to successful advertising is the (ROI).  Is there a Return On the Investment  that is greater than the cost of advertising.  

Investing into a regional publication like High Sierra Adventures Magazine can effectively reach your primary target Demographic & generate a resonable Share of Market  cost-efficiently.


Most advertisers are dependent upon the honesty, integrity and professionalism of a local sales representative to represent you rather than the advertising medium they represent to your best advantage.


Unfortunately, this kind of ethical representation rarely takes place. Most sales reps are here today and gone tomorrow and make whatever false or misleading pomises they can to get you to buy.


Here are a few questions to ask a advertising sales representative:


1)   How long have they been with their company?

2)   What training did they receive to qualify them for their job?

3)  'Image' & Impact' advertising, what's the difference?

4)   Ask for 5 or 6 client referrrals. Have them include the clients names, direct phone number & email address.

Answer #1:  If they've only been with the company a short time it means the company they represent has a serious turn-over rate.  Even more probable- poor customer retention

Answer #2:  If the sales rep has no formal training in advertising (i.e. College, University: Journalism Major or professional media training) then they are not a qualified advertising sales representative.


Answer #3:  This is a set-up question.  Most advertising reps don't know the difference between 'Image or Impact'.


When a sales rep tries to sell you on the idea of 'Who You Are', 'What a Great Family You Have', 'What a Nice Guy You Are', 'You Love Dogs, Cats and little Babies, or 'You've been in business for over 50 years, these are all Image elements.  They don't sell your products or services.  More importantly, there is no way you can track your advertising investment success.  Which is why they want to sell you on an 'Image Campaign'.  Image advertising may make you feel good and everyone you know will tell you how great you looked but it doesn't sell products and services.


'Impact Advertising Sells'.   It is a trackable, quanifiable form of advertising where you can easily evaluate its 'ROI'. ('Return On Investment')

There are (6) six important elements to an Impact Ad or Impact commercial.  I know what they are but do you?

If your advertising rep can't tell you when asked then they have not been formally trained in advertising.   (finally)

Answer #4:  If the sales rep can't or refuses to give you 5 or 6 client referrals that you can call, re-consider whether you want to do business with them.

- END-

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