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                 2022-24 Regional Distribution Summary


 Welcome to the High Sierra Adventures Magazine.


The High Sierra Adventures Magazine offers an incredibly effective advertising and marketing medium for those companies wanting to influence the purchasing decisions of both the local buyers and more importantly the tourist trade.


What is significant to note is the impact of our magazine's footprint upon the tourist decision making process.  We reach these tourists across Tioga Pass or Sonora Pass and before they enter one of our "Advertising Areas of Influence."


The sooner an advertiser reaches the tourist with their message or offer, the greater likelihood that tourist can be converted into a business opportunity.


In other words, if an advertiser can reach a potential customer in an Area we service before they enter the primary area of influence in which the advertiser is based, this represents a huge advantage over the competition.




     Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


     Best wishes and marketing success,


      James Chappel

     Editor - Publisher:  High Sierra Adventures Magazine

     (559) 824-1530

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