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The 2018 Issue 


Distribution is the single most important factor when determining which publication you should consider for your advertising needs.  The quality of the paper, full color printing process, size of print run, content and editing standards are all important factors to also consider.   But if a publication has limited circulation and/or short shelf life, it simply can not achieve your advertising objectives.


The "Distribution Analysis" gives a detailed explanation of all of our distribution locations, and estimated audience reach.  No other publication offers a distribution footprint that even comes close to that of the High Sierra Adventures Magazine.    


Q & A:


How Many Hotels, Motels, Resorts & Chalets are you in?


​We are currently located within 250 different hotels, motels, resorts & chalets AND thousands of hotel & motel rooms.  Additional distribution includes hundreds of retail businesses in 25 different communities throughout the central Sierras and we are adding more distribution locations each week. 


Keep in mind that our distribution locations are being re-supplied during the entire magazine circulation cycle to insure maximum reach, readership and effectiveness for our advertisers. 

Q 1

Q 2

What Makes High Sierra Adventures Magazine More Effective Than Other Publications?

It's our reach.  Keep in mind that our primary target audience is the tourist trade.  They begin their vacation trek from either the Eastern or Western Sierras then journey over Tioga or Sonora passes before heading home. Reaching these families before they arrive in your community gives you, our advertiser, a huge advantage in capturing these tourist dollars.  


We are also distributed into all the hotels and motels in Madera, Chowchilla, Merced and Atwater.  2018 will included hotels and motels in Nortern Fresno along te hiwy 41 coridor.  Prather, Shaver Lake, Huntington Lake and more...

Q 3

How Often Do You Publish Your Magazine?


We publish High Sierra Adventures Magazine once a year at the end of May.  Our annual publication is distributed from June 1st to September 15th to all of our distribution locations


                                             SUBMISSION DROP-DEAD DEADLINES for 2018 EDITION  - MAY 15, 2018


(a)   Advertising submission deadline for the 2018 edition is MAY 1, 2018.   Submissions Closed for 2018 edition


(b)   Article and story submission deadline is APRIL 15, 2018                      Submissions Closed for 2018 edition



What Is Your Magazine's Potential Reach?

During high season, most hotels, motels, resorts & chalets run close to a 100% occupancy.

We make our estimated reach at approximately 75% (10% +-) occupancy annually.


Note: Keep in mind that we are limiting this analysis to just occupancy rates.  Estimated reach does not include the hundreds of additional distribution locations throughout our market footprint.


We are currently reaching over 5,542 hotel, motel, resort and chalet rooms x 182 days per year equals: 1.0 million rooms x 75% annual occupancy = 756,483 adjusted annual occupancy.


                                            Reaching:   756,483  families

                                                           756,483    adult-men

                                                           756,483    adult-women

     (Estimated 1.5 tweens/teens per family unit) =          1.5     million tweens/teens


Combined Adjusted Annual Potential Reach:  3.03 million (Adults: Men/Women/Tweens &Teens)


How Expensive Is Advertising In Your Magazine?

Advertising in High Sierra Adventures Magazine is simply not as expensive as you may think. Consider the following:  Because our primary target audience is the tourist trade, our magazine has an extremely long shelf-life.  We distribute our annual Summer edition for 4-5 months.


(a)   Standard Full Page Full Color Layout Ad Investment:   $2700


(b)   The edition works out to: $676 / 4-months distribution =         $676  per/month


(c)   3.03 million (Adults: Men/Women, Tweens/Teens & Children) = 3030 thousands = $1.13


(d)   This equates to less than $1.13 cents per thousand:     $1.13 CPM*




* Note: $1.13 CPM (cost per thousand) is one of the lowest cost advertising CPM's in the country.


Advertising  in  the  High Sierra Adventures Magazine  is  unquestionably  the  most

cost-efficient and reach-effective form of advertising you can choose. 


Call us today and put High Sierra Adventures Magazine to work for you:


James Chappel- Editor


(559) 824-1530

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